2022 GS Nationals: MAY 11 - 14, 2022 :: Bowling Green, Kentucky,  Beech Bend Raceway.

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Improve the performance and reliability of your Buick V6 Turbo for Street or Track
Buick V6 Turbo Tech, Guide and Modifications
Build Recipes. Parts Needed. Who & Where to Buy. Part #. How Much/$$.

191987 Buick Grand National Original Owner - Brett Wallace
2005 Buick GS Nationals. Bowling Green, Kentucky
This 1987 Buick GN was driven from WI to KY and back home 1200 miles
It was sent to a friend of mine, his detail shop, waxed and driven WI to KY.

Buick V6 Turbo Tech, Guide and Modifications

Spring Cleaning Guide:  Buick V6 Turbo and Grand National
Oil, Oil Filter, Transmission Filter and Pan Gasket, Transmission Fluid, 6 Spark Plugs: NGK UR 5 Gapped tight 0.030, Spark Plug Wires, Coil Pack with New Seal, Positraction Rear End Gear Oil with Additive to prevent rear end chatter/noises, AC Fuel Filter, PCV Valve, Clean Air Filter.

General List of Modifications
60# Fuel Injectors, with a Turbo Tweak Chip, Scantool (Scanmaster or Scanmaster-G), 30# Turbo Boost gauge and Knock gauge, upgraded intercooler (Front mount or stretched stock location), XP Plus Fuel pump, Turbo Tweak 255LPH Fuel Pump, Walbro 340 255lph fuel pump with Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit (Hotwire Kit improves voltage to fuel pump and that increases output of fuel pump), MAF pipe with Tinman 4" Cold Air Kit, 160* t-stat, New Spark Plug Wires, NGK UR5 Spark Plugs gapped tight at .030. Accufab adjustable fuel pressure regulator with fuel pressure gauge, Two (2) Valve cover breathers for both valve covers, PCV check valve to be used in conjunction with the stock PCV, Stock 200-4r transmission, leave the factory 3.42 rear gears alone, (this ratio has been proven to work the best with the power curve that these V6's have. Some of the fastest cars in the country that still run a factory built up 8.5" rearend, have done it with 3.42 gears, some of them with the original OEM gears and these are cars that have run well into the low 9's to high 8's), Upgrade to 70mm throttle body (stock is ok) with larger upper plenum, and ALWAYS install RJC Plenum power plate, Add manual boost control valve, 3" mandrel bent stainless steel downpipe, and verify absolutely no exhaust leaks before the turbo, at least a 2.5" (3" preferred) dual exhaust with straight flow through style mufflers (aka No Flowmasters, not on a turbo car), upgrade to 100# valve springs, replace the timing chain with a double roller ($60) or at a minimum a stock replacement that has a steel gear (June 2019 - my 87 GN ate the timing chain and broken rocker arm which is the cost of a new motor), remove front sway bar to reduce front end weight (good for drag racing and bad for driving on street when turning), Upgrade rear suspension components, for example; Replace Stock Sway Bar with HRpartsNstuff Anti Roll Sway Bar or comparable, optional dual air bags, posi unit, lite weight wheels and either MT S/S tires, 27" DOT bias ply or 28" slicks. On a strong, good running, correctly tuned Turbo Buick, this is a combo for low 11's on either straight race gas or alky injection with pump gas. All it basically takes is tuning the car to run the boost 20-28 psi with zero knock retard.

RJC Racing  Every Turbo Buick 10 second and slower should install a Plenum Power Plate ($65 for STOCK Plenum for stock motor), RJC Rear Engine Brace $99. Parts and combinations for the best bang for the dollar 9, 10, 11 second Recipes from RJC Racing. The most important aspect is to begin with a solid Buick V6 Turbo along with tuning tools to meet your needs. The Minimum Tools required to achieve any goals are Boost Gauge, Knock Gauge and Scantool!
Recipes: 11.51@117 mph   10.68@126 mph   9.89@136 mph   9.21@149 mph.

Turbo Tweak  LT1-3" MAF $130 (#1005-3.0IN)
MAF Tuning Device aka MAF Translator $200 (#1004),
TurboTweak Street 93 Octane Fuel Chip $120 (#1000)
60# Siemens Fuel Injectors $270 (#1010) or Fuel Injector/Chip Combo - Buick/TTA  $360 (#1015)
Buick Scantool - Scanmaster 2.1 for Buick $250 (#1007 Red Display or #1007 Blue Display) or 
Buick Scantool - Scanmaster-G Gauge $260 (#1007-Buick-G-Black, 2-1/16" Gauge)
Turbo Tweak TT255LPH High Flow Turbine Fuel Pump $100 (#TT255LPH). 2 year Warranty.
TT255LPH fuel pump should be used with Fuel Pump Wiring Kit aka Hotwire Kit $65 (#1014-Buick) to improve voltage to the pump, thus increases output of pump.

GN1 Performance  3" Stainless Steel Dual Cat Back Exhaust with Mufflers and Mild Steel U Bolt Clamps $729, test pipe/cutout optional.

Janis Automotive Transmission   Vince Janis is One of The Best TH200-4R Transmission Builders for the Buick V6 Turbo.

Performance Torque Converters   PTC Specialize in Race Converters & TH200-4R Transmissions Design & Manufacturing.

Kirban Performance   100# Valve Springs, Front Brace Kit, Rear Seat Brace Kit, New Ignition Coil Pack w/Seal, Spark Plug Wires, Aluminum Drive Shaft, 

Full Throttle Speed   Since 1987 - Turbo Buick V6 Engine & Suspension Parts, Air/Fuel Delivery, Engine Management, Turbochargers, Alky Control, Exhaust, Intercoolers, Translators and Scantools.

GBodyParts   Genuine GM Buick V6 Turbo Parts, Appearance, Wheels and Performance.

HRpartsNstuff   Anti-Roll Sway Bar, Lower Control Arms, Upper Control Arms.

Spoolfool Productions   Fiberglass Front/Rear Bumper Fillers or One Piece Rear Bumper Filler.

Cruz Performance   We Race What We Sell!  Holley EFI, Turbochargers, Ignition, Fuel System, Engine Parts, Chassis, Electronics.

Hartline Performance   Engine Management, Turbochargers, Exhaust, Suspension, Fuel System, Alky Control, PTC Torque Converters, Engine Parts.

Lorenz Racing Performance   Specializing in Tuning, Bolt On Upgrades, Show & Shine Builds, Engine and Transmission Rebuilds.

GNS Performance   Family Owned and Operated. They specialize in G-Body Performance, RideTech Street Grip and Buick Rebuild Cam Sensor Service.

Caspers Electronics   began providing aftermarket electronics, control, and wiring systems for the automotive industry in 1988. 

Metco Motorsports   Suspension, Drive Shaft Safety Loop, Valve Cover Breathers, Fuel System,  Rail Mount Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit (GM).

Precision Turbo & Engine   Turbochargers, Air/Fuel Delivery, Engine Management, Ignition & Electronics, Data Acquisition, Boost Control. Think you've got what it takes to be the next PTE sponsor recipient? Check out the link and send in your proposal by mail only. ** Precision Sponsorship Accepts Applications between December 1 - 31 of current year (for the following year), must be submitted by mail only! 

Scanmaster/Scanmaster-G: Understanding Scantool Numbers, Interpretation and Use
a means of measuring fuel pressure both at idle, and at wide open throttle, and an accurate means of reading boost....

Understanding Scantool Numbers, Interpretation and Use
by Vortex Turbo Buick Performance.
Scanmaster Numbers listed below are for my 87 Buick GN aka GNX Clone, Maine Lobster XSTASY. Spark Plugs are NGK UR5 V power in silver box, gapped tight at .030, new ignition coil pack w/seal, new spark plug wires, LT1-3" MAF, Translator Base Setting = 5, Fuel Feeder/Hot Wire Kit, heated O2 sensor. 3" Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust.

OCTOBER 2, 2010 ---- SCANMASTER RESULTS after road trip, taken at idle.
02 = 792 (best tuned .750 - .770)
-- leaner is meaner w/out knock, higher is safer)
AF = 4 (air/fuel best 4-6)
L8 = 30 (engine load = 30-40)
bat = 13.7 (battery 13.5 or higher)
INT = 128 (integrator 118 - 138, ideally 128)
blm = 126 (block learn lean side 118 - 138, rich side, ideally 128)
mph = 0
CLT = 170 (coolant)
ATS = 124 (air temp)
r = 800 (rpm)
TPS = .44 (throttle position sensor 0.42 - 0.44, WOT = 4.6 - 4.8)
IAC = 21 (idle air control 10- 40 good at idle, best at under 30)

fuel pressure 37-43 with line off car at idle in park. start at 43, stock 34-40.
Oil Pressure 10-15 PSI HOT
O2 of .790 or higher prevents excessive retard.
at Race Track Tune for Best MPH, ET Varies with traction.

NOTE: time slips in the 1/4 mile at GS Nationals, Beech Bend Race Park, Bowling Green, Kentucky 2010.
1/4 mile: 60'=1.806 with 12.396 @ 108.95 mph (1/8=7.900
) on Kumho 245/50/16" Street Tires.
Youtube Video 12.909 @ 108.95 mph is of my 87 GNX with Driver: Jim Carswell and myself as passenger.
Pictured Below #9987 at 2013 GS Nationals. TSE Champion Bob Hinson as driver of my 87 GNX clone.
FYI - I removed the driver floor mat and ran 12.396@108.95 mph after 12.909@109 mph!
ALWAYS REMOVE DRIVER SIDE FLOOR MAT or push it to the side when Racing...

Modified '87 GN "Hard Top" GNX Clone  March 4, 2008 through June 2021: 
PURCHASED MARCH 4, 2008 with 88,000 ORIGINAL MILES: $6500 CASH.
1987 Buick Regal Grand National V6 Turbo 3.8 liter. 12/87 Build Date // June 1, 2021 - 119k miles
JD Motorsports  $1,800 (06/01/2021): Turbo Boost Tested to 21#'s! Check Engine, Zip tie leaks, Alky ground not hooked up, Adjust HR anti-sway bar, adjust power windows, Pax side seat brace on backwards/upside down; replace Injector Harness $75, Tie-Down Strap. ($75/hr x 24 hours).
Castle Performance  $17,030 (05/2019 - Nov 4, 2020):  New Engine. Castle Performance Buick Ponzi Scam damaged hood bulge, driver door, driver front fender, billed for repairs and never repaired and charged $7,000 for repairs plus engine work for $9,000 for total of $17,030! And another professional body shop will repair damages by Castle Performance in 2021.
Tire Store  (05/2019):  4 New Kumho 245/50/16 Tires. $280 plus M&B $100.
Beyond Redline Perf  $1,310 (05/2019): R/R Stock for GN1 SEHeaders, Steering, Brakes.
Tim & Jay's (07/2017):
Two 3" BORLA XR-1 Racing Oval Mufflers to 3" Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust. 3.5" Aluminum Drive Shaft $650. TINMAN 4" Cold Air Intake $285. 
Installed New Radio, Speakers, Amp & Subwoofer (07/2016):
JVC CD Receiver KD-R970BTS  w/SXM/Pandora/iHeart/iPod/iPhone.
KICKER Front Dash 3.5" Speakers and Rear KICKER 4" x 8" Speakers
KICKER AMP CXA 1200.1/2400 Watt Max. $319
AMP Total Power Output [Watts RMS]: CERTIFIED 1283.
KICKER Live Loud CVX COMPVX12 - 12" Subwoofer. $299
Tim & Jay's (08/16):
Add Transmission Cooler $90. Replace Dash Trim Panel $220.
Transmission Vince Janis (02/16):
  200-R4 Stage 1 Transmission $2,000
Methanol Injection (04/15):  AlkyControl Kit Single.
Torque Converter (04/15):  PTC 10" Street, 2800 Stall Lock Up.
Tim & Jay's (07/12): Installed GNX Fender Flares and Vent.
Turbo Tweak: LT1-3" MAF, Translator, TT 93 Street Chip, 60# Fuel Injector
 3" Front Mount Intercooler, 3" Down Pipe with External Wastegate & External Boost Controller, 3" Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust. 
Full Throttle Speed: 
Scanmaster and Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator.
RJC Racing: 
Limited Edition Executive Series Pulley Set & Air Distribution Plenum Power Plate. 
Red Armstrong / Quad Air:
 XP Plus Fuel Pump with Hotwire/Fuel Pump Feeder Kit. 
Kirban Performance: 
TA-49 Turbo (up to 545 HP), GNX 16x8 Honeycomb Rims, GNX Fender Flares, Brace Kit Front & Rear, Ignition Coil Pack & Spark Plug Wires, 160 Thermostat, Reproduction Rear Bumper Fillers, Front Bumper Fillers, Steel Hood Shocks, Polished Aluminum MAF Pipe, Angled Billet Oil Fill Tube & Breather Kit, A-Pillar Boost & Knock Gauges, Engine Tie-Down Strap. 
Dual Fans, Vacuum Brakes, Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter Hanger. 
 Anti-Roll/Rear Sway Bar, Lower & Upper Double Adjustable Control Arms, Dual Air Bags with Spacers and Drive Shaft Safety Loop. 
Cotton's Performance: 
Heated Oxygen "02" Sensor Kit. 
 Windshield, Rearview Mirror, Shocks, Head Lights, Brembo Brakes, Ceramic Pads, Calipers, Repacked Bearings, 8" K&N Air Filter, NOS Grey Leather Steering Wheel with Billet Ring, NOS Black Headlight Bezels. 
GNX Accents/Features:
 Rear Differential Cover, Turbo Shield, Wheels, Front & Rear Emblems, Embroidered Headrests, GNX Dash #487, ASC Stickers (Door Jamb/Emission/Intercooler), Vents, Flares, Owners Manual, Fender Cover and GNX Hardbound Book.

12.909 @ 109 mph. October 2011 -- 1987 Buick GNX Clone
Next Pass, Removed Floor Mat and Ran 12.396 @ 108.95 mph
Stock Motor 100k miles, Stock Converter, Stock Transmission
Kumho 16x8" Street Radial Tires (inside car video follows).

1987 Buick Grand National Hardtop GNX Clone.  4th Owner Brett Wallace
2013 Buick GS Nationals, Bowling Green, Kentucky

1987 Buick GN Purchased March 4, 2008 for $6,500 CASH
87 GN aka GNX Clone seen in Photo 7/27/2008 and Above and 12.90 @ 109 mph youtube video.
Condition of this car in 2008 vs October 2011 and it will be at GS Nationals May 13-16, 2020.

RJC Racing   www.RJCRacing.com

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MAY 11 - 14, 2022
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2008 GS Nationals "First 6" 6.984 @ 197.22 mph (1/4 mile)

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