2013 GS Nationals: OCTOBER 16 - 19, 2013 :: Bowling Green, Kentucky,  Beech Bend Raceway.

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L-to-R Front: Belva Meyer, Judy Jegl, Linda Kary, Sarah Gordon, Pam Berger, MaryAnne Hein, Shannon Carswell
L-to-R Back: Sid Meyer, Rick Jegl, Bennett Jones, Adam Kary, Matt Gordon, Ron Joseph, Jim Carswell, Brett Wallace

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TSE 2011 Champion: Bob "Hard Luck" Hinson Pit Crew "STEVEN HINSON" rotating drag radials on their 9 second Turbo Buick Grand National and wclick to enlarge.

Matt & Sarah Gordon.. October 2011. click to enlarge.

2011  Car Show Concours Row... click to enlarge.

President and Founder
Richard Lasseter

pictured to the left on green golf cart.

Event Coordinator
Bennett Jones, 229.469.0389, 

Vendor Coordinators
Matt & Sarah Gordon, 785.286.3586, SATbyme@aol.com

Social Director
Pam Berger, pbergerx1@yahoo.com

Race Director
Jim Carswell, 334.538.5868, jcarswel1@yahoo.com
Assistant Race Director
Shannon Carswell, jcarswel1@yahoo.com

Sponsor Coordinators
Rick & Judy Jegl, 414.916.6458, rjjegl@gmail.com

Car Show Coordinator
John Reidy, johnreidy@aol.com

AutoCross Coordinator
Chris Reed, 765.969.6835. cutluse231@hotmail.com

Survivor Class Coordinator
Alan Oldfield, adoldfield@aol.com

PR Chairman
Ron Joseph, gnx342@gmail.com

Website, Photography and Videos
Brett Wallace
, 920.279.5466, GNregistry@aol.com

Race Rules Associates
Super 16: Doug Hecker, stagetwo65@comcast.net
Big Block: Jim Rodgers, buzilla495@windstream.net
TSO: Cal Hartline, 321.722.1563, cal@hartlineperformance.com
TSL: Gary Harmon, (H) 813.996.9724, (C) 813.355.6993
TSE: Bob Hinson, 334.270.7977

Index: Clint, sydwyndr@hotmail.com
TSA: Bill Thompson, billthomp86@yahoo.com
2014 TSA Race Rules pdf

General Admission tickets available at tent by gate.
Gamblers Racing - Wednesday & Thursday
Car Show - Friday  |  Race Eliminations - Saturday

Red Armstrong (on left) and Richard Clark. click to enlarge.

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Left to Right: Brett Wallace, Norm & Margie, Gavin & Ruth, Pam Berger, Bennett Jones, Jason Jegl, Judy & Rick Jegl, Matt & Sarah Gordon, Sid & Belva Meyers, Adam Kary.
(Not Shown: Richard Lasseter, Ron Joseph, Jim Carswell)

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