2017 GS Nationals: SEPTEMBER 13 - 16, 2017 :: Bowling Green, Kentucky,  Beech Bend Raceway.

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Track Clean Up 2008.2009. click to enlarge.

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2016 GS Nationals Sponsors
Sponsor will be responsible for payout distribution

2016 Sponsor Pledge Form


Sponsor Coordinator will no longer accept or distribute monies,  gift certificates, of merchandise pledged by sponsors. Sponsor Coordinator will only accept pledge forms for posting...


2016 Sponsor Payout.pdf

2016 RACE Classes & Sponsor Payout.pdf


Thank You to all our Sponsors for their support!

Over $5,000 in Payouts for 2016 GS Nationals TSO Class  
Turbo Street Outlaw Sponsors (1/8 mile)  
Precision Turbo & Engine  -- www.PrecisionTurbo.net
Weldon High Performance -- www.WeldonRacing.com
Castle Performance -- www.CastlePerformance.com
TRZ Motorsports -- www.TRZMotorsports.com
Metco Motorsports --- www.METCOmotorsports.com
HR PartsNStuff -- www.HRpartsNstuff.com
RJC Racing --  www.RJCRacing.com  TSM Title Sponsor
Kirban Performance -- www.KirbanPerformance.com
VP Racing Fuels --  www.VPRacingFuels.com
F.A.S.T/Competition Cams --  www.FuelAirSpark.com
Hartline Performance -- www.HartlinePerformance.com

HR PartsNStuff -- www.HRpartsNstuff.com
TSO - $250 cash - RRA will split win/ru
TSM - $150 cash - RRA will split win/ru
THS - $120 cash - RRA will split win/ru
TSE - Gift Certificate win/ru
TAI - Gift Certificate win/ru
TSA - Gift Certificate win/ru
GSR - Gift Certificate win/u
Super 16 - Gift Certificate win/ru
Bracket 1 - Gift Certificate win/ru
Bracket 2 - Gift Certificate win/ru
Bracket 3 - Gift Certificate win/ru

The RRA for each class should contact me if they are handing the prize out. If the class winners don't get it from the RRA, then they can stop by our booth/tent at the end of the event or call/email us directly after the race.

THS - Turbo Hot Street Payouts
Hartline Performance.  Winner $200 Gift Certificate, R/up:  $100 Gift Certificate
Lorenz Racing and Performance $200 cash
JW Racing and Performance $250 cash
Cruz Performance Custom Fuel Rails. Winner: TBA,  R/up: TBA
Spoolfool Mike Barnard $250 cash
WorldofMotorWorks.com  $250 cash
Snap On Dist. Marty Green. $350 cordless impact
HR Parts Paul Ferry $120
Schaeffer Oil Case of 10W30 Oil $130
Boost Crew Performance TBA
Vince Janis Transmission TBA
Trusted 6 Racing TBA 
David Day Racing. THS Event Supporter

Indiana Chapter GSCA, Lotto, IN
THS Race Class - Winner $75, R/U $25
B1 Race Class - Winner $75, R/U $25

Ice Cream Social (Friday 11 am - 2 pm). 
 Penn Grade 1 Oil
 Renegade Race Fuels
 Coastal Printing of Sarasota, FL.



General Admission tickets available at gate.
Gamblers Racing - Wednesday & Thursday
Car Show - Friday  |  Race Eliminations - Saturday



2009 Buick GS Nationals. TSE Red Armstrong. click to enlarge

 1987 Buick Regal Grand National/GNX Clone early morning photo at TOOT'S RESTAURANT... WELCOME BUICK GS NATONIONALS! click to enlarge.

TSE 2011 Champion: Bob "Hard Luck" Hinson Pit Crew "STEVEN HINSON" rotating drag radials on their 9 second Turbo Buick Grand National and wearing his NEW 31st Annual 2011 GS Nationals T-Shirt. click to enlarge.

click to enlarge.

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